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The Anti Flavor-Saver

In our ongoing effort to produce the highest quality stainless steel bottles available we’re constantly submitting our bottles to various tests and experiments.  For example, last week we put a few of our bottles (as well as some “other” bottles) through a rigorous paint test.  This week’s test was admittedly more fun.  We took a few of our bottles to the local Green Drinks event to showcase their “anti-flavor-saver” properties.  If you’re not familiar with Green Drinks, they’re informal meet-ups of green-minded people and are typically held at local bars/pubs.   Great for making new contacts in the “green” world, we highly recommend attending your local Green Drinks if one exists.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you want to promote your local Green Drinks.

Green Drinks, wine and Pura

One of the many great characteristics of our stainless steel bottles is they don’t retain flavor.  Unlike aluminum bottles (which contain a baked-on liner), or plastic bottles, stainless steel doesn’t react with acidic foods and doesn’t absorb any of the beverage in your bottle.  As a result, your beverage doesn’t leave any flavor in the bottle, and your bottle doesn’t transfer any flavor to your beverage.

We demonstrated this property at Green Drinks by filling our bottles with beer and wine, then left the beverage to soak overnight.  The next night we poured the contents out, rinsed it with water (just once), then filled it back up with water.  The result?  Just plain water.  Not a trace of beer or wine was noticeable.

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  1. Kerry S. Says:

    If you live in Ohio, check out Green Columbus -

  2. Brett.DeWoody Says:

    I linked to the Green Drinks website above, but since we attended the local Bozeman (MT) Green Drinks I thought we should give credit where it’s due. So if you’re in southwest Montana and want to attend the next event you can find more info here.

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