What nipples or sip spouts will fit the Kiki bottles?

All Kiki bottles operate with nipples and spouts from Pura and a wide range of other manufacturers. This allows infants that will only feed from a specific nipple to continue with their nipple of choice while still using the safest bottle in the world. All Kiki bottles have been operate with the following nipples and spouts:

  • Pura Stainless original and Natural Vent Nipples™
  • Pura Stainless original silicone sip spout and XL Sipper Spout™
  • Dr. Brown's wide neck silicone nipples
  • Born Free wide neck nipples
  • ThinkBaby nipples and silicone spout
  • MAM wide neck silicone nipples
  • Pigeon wide neck silicone nipples
  • UPIS wide neck silicone nipples
  • Green Sprouts Nipples
  • Avent Silicone Spout
  • And many others!
    Please e-mail us at cs@purastainless.com if you have specific nipple or spout you would like to use.

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