Fundraising with Pura

Eco-Dollars™ Participant Benefits

The Pura fundraising program, Eco-Dollars™, has been developed specifically for schools, clubs, teams, and organizations seeking a high-quality, sustainable product on which to base fundraising efforts. Participating organizations benefit from:

  • The ability to quickly and effectively generate funds for your organization
  • An environmentally progressive, less than $20 product which is in high demand by mass market consumers
  • An easy-to-sell product that capitalizes on the rapidly rising trend towards reusable water bottles - an environmentally friendly, healthy and less expensive alternative to bottled water

Overview of the Eco-Dollars™ Program

Eco-Dollars™ is a compelling, social network based program that provides a premium quality product at aggressive prices to qualifying organizations for resale in their local community. In contrast to traditional fundraising programs, Pura's program was designed to help organizations sell a product that people value as opposed to the traditional cookies, magazines, and raffles, that are nothing more than a donation. In fact, if supporters refill their Pura bottle a dozen times, their donation will have paid for itself! Basing your next fundraising campaign on Pura bottles will result in a better closure rate and higher profits for your team, club, or school!

Be a Part of the Solution!

The Eco-Dollars™ program is one of Pura's proactive programs to increase awareness of the insidious impact of bottled water and to create a spirit of environmental stewardship among the mass market. We are excited that this program jointly mitigates the bottled water issues while simultaneously providing a revenue stream to worthy organizations. We welcome participation by forward thinking schools and organizations who seek to make our planet a better place to live.

Please e-mail us at for a copy of our fundraising brochure, qualification requirements, and order forms.

One Life... One Bottle