The Eco-Leader™ program complements the sustainability efforts of forward thinking businesses and organizations that are saving money and helping the planet by breaking the bottled water habit. Participating organizations benefit from:

  • A compelling environmentally conscious cost saving program
  • An enhancement of the organization's eco-conscious positioning to both their internal and external customers
  • A no cost participation option: $0 sign-up, $0 set-up, $0 recurring costs
  • An opportunity to fund internal programs of the organization's choosing with Eco-Leader generated profits

A Low Involvement, High Impact Program

The Eco-Leader™ program provides organizations a rare combination of cost savings and environmentally progressive behavior. As reported in numerous mainstream media outlets corporations, municipalities, universities, and non-profit organizations are moving away from bottled water and water delivery services to save money and positively affect our planet. To that end, Pura has developed the Eco-Leader™ program to bring premium reusable stainless steel water bottles to organizations at wholesale or deeply discounted prices. This program provides an easy to implement, eco-centric alternative to bottled water; an industry that provides few tangible benefits but which wreaks havoc on the environment and the pocketbooks of consumers and organizations.

Be a Part of the Solution!

The Eco-Leader™ program is one of Pura's proactive programs to increase awareness of the insidious impact of bottled water and to create a spirit of environmental stewardship among corporate America and other forward thinking organizations. The Eco-Leader™ program provides several flexible options that are geared to your needs and spirit of environmentalism.

We welcome participation by forward thinking organizations who seek to make our planet a better place to live.

Please e-mail us at for a copy of our fundraising brochure, qualification requirements, and order forms.

To learn more about Pura and our innovative eco-progressive vision please visit the About Pura page