Save the planet...

and make a little money at the same time!

Pura customers are proud of their One Life... One Bottle™ lifestyle and many have asked if they could do more. And of course, the answer is YES!

We are proud to offer PurAdvocate™, a partnership between Pura and our customers, which creates cash for you and discounts to your family, friends, and colleagues. PurAdvocate™ is simple and compelling: as a registered PurAdvocate™ your friends will get a 20% discount on Pura product and you will earn a 10% commission on everything they purchase from our web site! There are no commitments or fees to participate and virtually no restrictions on selling.

Share your PurAdvocate™ code with family and co-workers, stuff it in the goodie bags at athletic events, post it at your kid's school or at your favorite coffee shop, add it to your FaceBook profile, post it on your blog or Tweet it to your network.

With your help we can finally rid the world of the billions of single use water bottles that end up in landfills every year and conserve the vast natural resources allocated to the bottled water industry. Conservation has never been so easy... or profitable!

For more information or to register contact the PurAdvocate team at:

One Life... One Bottle