Pura Patents

Pura was conceived with a simple notion...to provide the safest and most adaptable juvenile feeding and adult hydration solutions to consumers around the world. We are proud to combine market changing innovation with an award winning eco-progressive business model. Pura has been recognized with an unprecedented twenty-one business and products awards and more than 400 media reviews propelling our brand into more than 30 countries. Our products are consistently and convincingly preferred over legacy brands by both industry experts and consumers.

All Pura products are designed in the United States in our California headquarters. Our engineering team continuously strives to uncover new ways to make infant, toddler, and juvenile feeding simpler, more effective, and safer. Our proprietary products include the first and only 100% plastic-free bottle on the global market as well as the first modular bottle and collar designed to adapt to, and grow with, the child. Other innovations include our line of Natural Vent Nipples, our 100% plastic-free XL-Sipper Spout, the first plastic-free straw bottle, the first leak resistant silicone nipple/spout cover, and a line of silicone sleeves.

We protect our unique products with an array of global patents and we have numerous additional patents pending:

Issued Patents

  • US Patent 8,573,436
  • US Patent 8,739,991
  • US Patent 9,233,052
  • US Patent D724233
  • US Patent D750,490
  • US Patent D752,234
  • US Patent D758,789
  • United Kingdom Patent GB2491790
  • EU Community Registered Design 002346577-0001
  • EU Community Registered Design 002346577-0002
  • Chinese Patent 2011900002079
  • Chinese Patent 2013201700416
  • Chinese Patent 2013305348008
  • Chinese Patent 2015304728583
  • South African Patent 2012/07314