Pura Technology

Our One Life... One Bottlecaused us to search for a bottle and cap material that did not require funky unknown composition enamel coatings, did not leach any chemicals or toxins, and is typically comprised of recycled material. With an aerospace engineer on our staff we quickly settled on #304 stainless (also known as 18/8) for our bottles and caps; a composition that has long been used in the food service and medical industries and is rated as a sanitary, non-leaching material. In addition, our stainless steel is not only 100% recyclable, but stainless steel in general is typically comprised of approximately 60% recycled material... a stark contrast to petroleum based plastic water bottles which are clogging our landfills.

Sanitary food service grade stainless steel is durable and requires no funky liners

#304 or 18/8 refers to the composition of the metal - 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Lesser grades of stainless such as #201, #202, or #301 substitute a lower cost metals, typically manganese, and we did not feel that composition was as well suited to the needs of our customers. Note that many inexpensive stainless steel bottles are made from either unspecified composition steel or one of these inferior alloys which typically do not have the corrosion resistance of #304 and therefore are not certified as food service grade.

The greatest single benefit of #304 stainless steel is the simple fact that it does not require funky chemical-laden liners. Aluminum bottles are coated with a protective liner (typically epoxy-based) due to potential toxicity and reactive issues with raw aluminum. But using such a liner defeats the entire purpose of a non-plastic bottle as you are now essentially drinking from an epoxy vessel which really isn't any better than the old school plastic bottles!

In the end, our bottles and lids are crafted from #304 stainless steel so that we can be 100% sure that no toxins are leaching into your beverage, mother's milk, or infant formula.

Smooth and polished interior surfaces makes cleaning a snap

All Pura bottles are electro-polished to eliminate voids that can trap contaminants and make cleaning difficult. But we take the additional step of sandblasting all interior surfaces on our Kiki line to absolutely ensure the smoothest possible surface. To our knowledge no other infant and toddler bottle manufacturer takes this extra step.

The safest bottles on the planet... non-toxic and truly BPA-free

Pura bottles AND lids are non-toxic and truly 100% BPA-free. All bottles, components, and accessories are independently tested by a leading global testing lab and certified to have no detectable levels of Bisphenol-a (BPA), lead, phthalates or nitrosamines. Plastic and aluminum bottles and/or caps cannot make this claim as virtually all plastics have some level of BPA which will show up in independent testing.

All Pura products feature stainless steel lids, caps and/or infant nipple/spout collars in combination with medical grade silicone nipples and sipspouts so the contents of the bottle are NEVER in contact with plastic and therefore there is zero chance of ingesting BPA or other petroleum-derived toxins. Bottles that use plastic lids, collars, or sip spouts simply cannot make this claim.

All Pura products meet or exceed all relevant FDA requirements. Because safety is our primary concern we also meet or exceed the more stringent Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines and the European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC. We are more than happy to share our safety test reports with our customers... just ask!

In the end, we believe that we have created the ultimate reusable infant, toddler and adult bottles. Our bottles, lids, and accessories have no detectable levels of BPA, PVC, lead, nitrosamines, or phthalates, a claim that our competitors simply cannot make by virtue of their use of plastic lids, spouts, sports tops, toddler handles and travel covers.