Pura Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pura Stainless water bottles are covered by a limited lifetime warranty granted to the original bottle purchaser or owner. Our warranty covers leakage, bottle deforming dents, manufacturing defects or other failures that occur during normal use. We do not cover failures due to the bottle being dropped off El Capitan, sucked into a chipper or run over by a semi nor do we cover worn, scratched or chipped paint. Our warranty is designed to ensure that if you use and care for your bottle in a reasonable manner it will be the last water bottle you ever purchase.

To invoke your warranty please register your bottle today.

To make a warranty claim please send an e-mail to warranty@purastainless.com and include a description of the problem, how it occurred and pictures (if possible). Our warranty department will respond with 24 hours with a warranty authorization number and details on how to obtain your replacement bottle.