“I’ll be your customer for years to come”

Thank you so much for following up with an email and also taking time to discuss your product with me today.  I really needed to talk, mom to mom, about this.  I was beginning to get rather stressed about the plastic bottles my son has been drinking from and glad I can now move forward with a better product.

I found the bottle at Whole Foods this evening and am thrilled to report that my son LOVED it as soon as I gave it to him.  He usually doesn’t drink anything with his meal (which has worried me), and tonight happily drank 2 oz milk and 3 oz water.  All along I have been concerned that he wasnt drinking alot because he didnt like the bottles/sippy we gave him. SO TRUE.  I got the 5oz pura kiki bottle and he loved holding it and a huge plus is that he could still use his Dr Browns nipple that he is familiar with.  Looking forward to getting the Pura Sippy Spout to see if he will transition to that.

Thanks again for a great product and quick follow up.  I’ll be your customer for years to come.