Giving Your Baby the Best Start – 100 plastic free bottles – Pura Stainless Review

06.06.2017 – The Black and White Blog

I’ve been a mother for 9 years and for the most part, I tried my best to always do what I thought was the right thing. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I made a decision that changed everything. I won’t get into the specifics about that here, but what happened lead me to do more research about the products that are offered to us in stores and what we choose to surround ourselves with in everyday life.

I began searching for other moms like myself who wanted to live a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I’m a non-toxic or crunchy parent because even though I do adopt a lot of those values and beliefs, I’m not there.. yet. I like to find the better options when it comes to products and one of the things that came up many times in my research was plastic. We shouldn’t be using it for food and drinks and so when I realized this.. I, of course, questioned… well.. what should I be using?

Stainless steel was the answer that I came across the most. There was also the option of glass but when it comes to traveling or being out of the house with a baby and my hands full, glass seemed too fragile for my lifestyle. (I do use glass bottles at home for my son, he loves them.) I began researching companies that made stainless steel bottles and that’s how I found Pura Stainless.

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