Pura Stainless [ My Review! ]

12.22.17 – Ashley Angel – Pura Stainless Review

Today I am excited to share with you a product that I have fallen in love with.  I introduce to you the Pura Stainless bottle.  I’m telling you guys, this product is gold.  It’s the only 100% non plastic bottle on the market!  That fact alone won my heart but there are many other reasons why you need this bottle for your entire family.

Pura Stainless

Like I said before, Pura Stainless is the ONLY 100% plastic-free bottle line and the only bottles to be nontoxic.  Wow!  We have been switching over to a non-plastic lifestyle so these babies fit right in with our family!
All the tops are interchangeable so as your child grows, your bottle can grow with them saving you money.  I think that is a genius idea (and so does my wallet!). We bring our Pura Stainless bottles with us everywhere we go.  The park, Disneyland, the beach, gym class, and we even use them all day at home.  We have the insulated bottles so when we have ice in our bottles, the water stays cold all day.  They are perfect for our long days at Disneyland!

Another thing I love about our Pura Stainless is the design.  Even though they have kid sized bottles, there are no silly characters all over them.  They look beautiful!  When I switched my daughters previous water bottle out for the Pura, she started drinking more water, that in itself is a win!  She has the top that is a straw that she uses but we also have the sport top for when she ready.

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