Pura Stainless: Our Favorite Baby and Toddler Water Bottles

05.27.2017 – The Autism Cafe

Did you know it took us 3 years to wean Charlie off his baby bottles?

When Charlie was younger, he found comfort in lying on his silk pillowcase and drinking milk out of a baby bottle. We were worried because his doctors were concerned it would impact his teeth. After a while we just gave up because you have to pick your battles.We tried every straw cup and sippy cup on the market but he wouldn’t take them. We decided to focus our energy mostly on Charlie’s communication skills and decreasing his screaming. We figured, he’d drop the baby bottle when he was ready.

Pura stainless sippy cups

When Charlie was about 3 years old, I discovered the brand Pura on Instagram. I gave it a shot mostly because I loved the way the bottles looked, but also because they’re stainless steel instead of plastic. For some reason I just prefer stainless steel to plastic, even the BPA-free ones.

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