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09.11.2017 – Brittany Kutz

Safest infant bottle

Several years ago, Sheryl Crow said drinking water from plastic bottles left in a hot car gave her breast cancer. I didn’t believe it until I learned that research has shown certain chemicals in plastic products, when the product is scratched or heated, can leech toxic chemicals into your water or food. One of the chemicals, Bisphenol A (BPA), acts as a hormone disruptor and at certain levels, BPA may cause cancer. Freaky, right?

But many companies started to remove the BPA from their products. Yay, until you realize BPA-free doesn’t necessarily mean the products are safe from toxic chemicals. They removed the BPA but those bottles still may have other harmful acronyms like BPS, EA, PVC, PAH, and phthalates. I’ll save you the explanation of each as reading about all the chemicals and what they are in has made me not want to breathe, eat, or touch anything. At all. Ever again.

Before I had my son I couldn’t have cared less about this topic, though. It wasn’t until I did what many expecting mothers do and began reading up on all the things that could go wrong while pregnant and went into a fear-inducing spiral that ended up with me settling on glass baby bottles. I would have gone with stainless steel if I had known about them six months ago, though.

I have loved my glass bottles for the most part, until recently. I can see how much milk is left in the bottles with the outer markings and I can avoid many of the harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles. But the glass got hot quickly and would burn my hands if left in the warmer too long. They had a hard time maintaining temperature, when I would try to switch bottle nipples, they wouldn’t all fit correctly, causing leakage. They are too heavy for my son to hold on his own, and well, what should have been obvious to me…they break when dropped.

And as fate would have it, the first time I had a glass bottle break was in 90 + degree weather at Disneyland with a hungry, screaming baby when I was already past my breaking point. I cut my hand trying to pick up the glass, and then realized that I only had enough formula to make one more bottle because the bottle I dropped had been full. I was tempted to just lay on the pavement and let the elements take me.


Thankfully, I had brought alongthe Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Infant Bottle that I had learned about a week earlier and decided to try. I was skeptical about it as anything more than just another bottle to add to the rotation but quickly learned its benefits.

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