Sarah in Pennsylvania via facebook

I want to say THANK YOU! I have an infant son, Jenson, who is almost 6 months old. He has horrible allergies! He was using polypropylene bottles (which is what most are nowadays), but he kept getting these horrible rashes! Because of his age, they couldn’t do extensive allergy testing. We were forced to use a different bottle for one day, and the rash got better. It was made of regular plastic. We ended up buying a few bottles which were just plastic and not polypropylene. The rashes were still there, but not as bad for sure! I found these bottles online when I was researching ‘hypoallergenic baby bottles’. I was attracted to these because they were not glass! We have not been using these bottles with him for about a week. That is the only change, as his formula and cereal are the same (the cereal is fed from a glass bowl). The diaper rash is completely gone! First time since birth! The rash on his face is so much better. It looks like it’s just healing rather than getting ready to redevelop. No other rashes on his body this whole week! The only change is the bottles!! I am ecstatic over these steel bottles!! I don’t know if the allergy he has is in the plastics themselves or the enzymes from the foods he’s allergic to leaching onto them. Either way, finding Pura bottles has been a blessing in our family!!! So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for this product! And, if Jenson were old enough to talk, I’m sure he would thank you all as well!!

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