Worry-free Water Drinking with Your Non-Plastic, Pura Stainless Water Bottle

06.27.2017 – Mr. & Mrs. Howe

In this generation, people get sick even at a younger age. Then I wonder – why is this? It’s because almost everyone lacks the discipline in controlling what they eat! It’s also in this decade where you turn left and right only to find unlimited buffets in your favorite restaurants at really affordable prices!– of course, how could you say no to that?

Months ago, I found myself adding up mass to the fixed weight I supposedly had. I lost my diet. I felt sad and unhappy about it. But then I thought, should I be sulking around doing nothing? So, I started my diet and of course, exercise. I involved myself in different sports activities: outdoor, indoor, and especially water sports!

I lost the added weight indeed. By maintaining a proper diet and of course, water. Water plays an essential role in our lives. It cleanses us and quenches our thirst. When I had a cold, I only kept drinking water and it eventually subsided. So, it washes out the toxins in our body too! Since I started reliving my active lifestyle like back then, I needed some place to store my cold water. A gulp of cold water definitely quenches our thirst after hours from an intense workout! Now, the problem was – where do I find an insulated water bottle to keep my water cold?

As we’re about head out to the waters with no cold or hot water on site – a reliable company, Pura Stainless, foresaw what we would need in the next months and sent their products to us. I’m glad they did.

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