Our patented Kiki line of infant bottles, toddler sippy cups, and straw bottles combine innovation, unsurpassed safety, and practicality with a product that truly adapts to the needs of your child.

100 percent plastic free

  • SAFE: Only 100% plastic-free bottle on the market - 100% BPA-free, 100% phthalate-free, 100% petroleum free,100% PVC-free
  • BABY GROWS... BOTTLE EVOLVES™: All bottles operate with all Pura silicone lids so the same bottle can be used as in infant bottle, as sippy cup, a straw bottle, and even a sport bottle!
  • EASY: Use the nipple and spout your child prefers. All Kiki bottles operate with Pura nipples and spouts as well as those from many leading manufacturers
  • ECO-PROGRESSIVE: No more throwing out bottles as your child matures... one set of Pura bottles can be used from birth to school age... or as we say ONE LIFE... ONE BOTTLE™
  • CHOICE: Bottles for YOUR needs - Insulated and single wall options; bottles with silicone sleeves or painted surfaces... you choose!
  • FUNCTIONAL: internal volume graduations so you know how much your infant or toddler is eating
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wide bottle opening makes cleaning simple with a bottle brush. Painted bottles should be hand washed. Unpainted sleeved bottles and silicone components are dishwasher safe
  • GLOBAL: Kiki exceeds all FDA, CPSC, EN14350, European Commission Directive 10/2011, German LFGB regulations and/or guidelines
  • DURABLE: Lifetime warranty on stainless components
  • THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER: Includes Silicone Nipple/Spout Travel Cover that does not fall off in your diaper bag

US & International Patents