Why Pura?

Choosing bottles for your family can be challenging. You want the safest products but you also want them to be easy to use, environmentally progressive and of course cost effective. With Pura you can finally have it all!


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Plastic in your bottles? Is it worth the risk? Safety is always the first consideration and recent studies have shown that plastic has no place in a bottle for your kids, for your parents, for your friends… or for anybody! 

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Finally a safe bottle for the entire family. The only 100% plastic-free and NonToxic Certified bottles on the market.

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Pura is the Value Choice


  • ONE bottle can be used for years with swap of silicone top
  • BUILD your bottle for the day’s activities
  • YOUR SIZE Six sizes from 5oz to 28oz
  • EVOLVE Five compatible silicone lids
  • HOT & COLD Insulated & traditional bottles

Any Bottle. Any Lid™


The safest and most adaptable bottle is also the most environmentally progressive!

Baby Grows… Bottle Evolves™
Re-purposed bottles can used for years instead of months

One Life… One Bottle™
Re-usable durable stainless bottles keep plastic out of oceans and landfills

No Plastic Content!
Stainless steel is comprised of 60% recycled material* and is fully recyclable

Compare Pura to the other products on the market.

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“When you know better you do better” – Maya Angelo

Eco Progressive

functional and modern design


Pura  proven around the world


Combining market-changing innovation with award winning eco-progressive products.

We hope you will give us a chance to prove our value

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