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Setting New Year's Resolutions can be so overwhelming that a lot of times, we skip over them. How do you know what feels attainable and realistic? Well, if you plan on setting goals for yourself in 2023, take a look at our top 8 tips to keep in mind before embarking on the new year!

8 Tips for Setting Realistic New Year's Goals

1. Choose a Specific Goal

State what you want to achieve in the simplest terms possible! The more specific you can be, the more attainable the goal. Oftentimes, when we make our goals too broad or vague, it becomes difficult and unrealistic to actually achieve them. Start very specific, and you can always adjust as you go.

2. Write Your Goal Down

There's something about putting pen to paper that makes goals feel a little more permanent. Writing goals down helps to keep ourselves accountable and it's also one of the most accomplishing feelings to get to look back and remember what you've achieved!

3. Develop a Plan

This tip goes hand-in-hand with #1 as it relays the message that the more thought-out and intentional your goal-planning is, the more achievable and attainable. Give yourself time to think through and develop a plan for how to meet your goal(s) and allow for flexibility.

4. Remember That Change is a Process

Practice makes... practice! It takes time, energy, and developing new habits to achieve new goals. This is all a process that can feel uncomfortable, difficult, and challenging at times. When it feels hard, that doesn't always mean it's a bad thing. Sometimes the most challenging things in life make us the strongest!

5. Find Support

We're not meant to do life alone, let alone set new goals for ourselves. Invite in a few trusted friends or your spouse for support and accountability. It is much easier to achieve a goal when you have friends and family rooting you on and providing encouragement. Lean on others during this time and take the pressure off yourself to be your one and only cheerleader.

6. Renew Your Motivation

It's bound to happen that a few days, weeks, or months in, you're going to feel like giving up. Think about what would be helpful for you to renew your motivation during those times. Is it a phone call to a trusted friend? Looking back at your journal entry where you developed your plan? It's normal to not feel fully motivated all of the time, so think of personal ways to get back on track! 

7. Evaluate

Give yourself permission to evaluate your goal and change it at any time. A year is a very long time! Your New Year's goal is not etched in stone (unless you're fancy like that) meaning, it's not permanent and unchanging. Let it evolve and adapt as you see fit, depending on your personal needs and aspirations. 

8. Show Yourself Grace

Last but not least, extend yourself grace. Whether you frequently set goals for yourself, or this is a new endeavor for you, we all need grace when life becomes challenging and we're stretched to new heights and depths. You're already growing just *thinking* about setting new goals for the new year. Show yourself and others grace as you embark on this journey, and give yourself a pat on the back every so often!


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