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Why Pura?

The only plastic-free bottle line on the market

There is no place for any plastic in a child’s mouth so we have created the first and only line of 100% plastic-free juvenile bottles.  Our bottles are crafted exclusively from food service grade stainless steel and medical grade silicone because NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAFETY.  And, because we are the only plastic-free bottles we are also the only bottle to achieve the Made Safe® Certified rating.

Save the planet one child at a time

Repurpose-able products are a great way to help SAVE OUR PLANET.  Our One Life… One Bottle™ system allows parents to simply change the silicone top when their child is ready for the next stage.  So that set of infant bottles can be transformed into sippy bottles, straw bottles, sport bottles and even bottles for storage so you can save money while helping the planet.

check out our interchangeable lids!

We make it simple

The same bottle and lid system that helps rid our oceans of waste, also makes our bottles super easy to use. Grab ANY Pura bottle pair it with ANY stainless collar, ANY silicone top and an interchangeable silicone sleeve and build your bottle for the activities of the day!  And, of course food service grade stainless steel will never crack or chip, is easy to clean, and is lightweight. 

pura.  simple.

The little things matter!

Pura was created to focus on the big problems of safety, durability, ease of use, and eco-progressive consumption.  But THE LITTLE THINGS are one reason our customers keep coming back.  Some of our innovations include:

  • soft tops so no more fat lips or chipped teeth

  • integrated valves to prevent leaks

  • sip guards to eliminate spills

  • silicone nipple/spout travel covers that stay on even when jostled in your bag

  • Dishwasher and boil sterilize safe silicone tops PuraTherma triple insulation options

how we are different

Our Values

BPA-Free is a marketing scam

Use alternatives to plastic

Nothing is too good for our customers

We listen to our customers

By parents, for parents

We build products that last

Pura Stainless Green Kiki™ 5oz Infant Bottle

Kiki™ 5oz Infant Bottle

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We were thrilled to discover Pura.

We bought the Pura Infant Bottle for our 9 mo old daughter.  We tried 5 brands of glass bottles before finding Pura (Dr. Brown's, Lifefactory, Tommy Tippee & Medela). The glass bottles are heavy, can break when dropped and do not keep the milk/formula cold long enough.  We were thrilled to discover Pura. Unlike the other bottles, this means *no plastic parts* in the Pura bottle! We are committed to limiting our baby’s exposure to plastic. We have yet to find a bottle as convenient and safe for our baby as the Pura Infant bottle. We will use this bottle for our next baby as well! It's our go-to newborn gift. If you're debating this purchase, buy it! You won't be disappointed.

Amazon Customer
Pura Stainless Aqua Kiki™ 11oz Sippy Bottle

Kiki™ 11oz Sippy Bottle

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From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for this product!

I have an infant son, Jenson, who is almost 6 months old. He has horrible allergies! He was using polypropylene bottles (which is what most are nowadays), but he kept getting these horrible rashes! I found these bottles online when I was researching 'hypoallergenic baby bottles'. I was attracted to these because they were not glass! We have been using these bottles with him for about a week. That is the only change.  The diaper rash is completely gone! First time since birth! The rash on his face is so much better.  The only change is the bottles!! I am ecstatic over these steel bottles.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for this product!

Mom in Pennsylvania…
Pura Stainless Black Big Mouth® Sport 22oz Insulated Bottle

Big Mouth® Sport 22oz Insulated Bottle

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You won’t pry this one out of my hands.

You won’t pry this one out of my hands. Love the bottle. Looks great, easy to hold (e.g.,can hold bottle with one finger when carrying other things), easy to drink from,  cap is easy to pull off and put back on, even when driving, and easy to clean (unlike other bottles that build up gunk in the spout over time that is hard to clean). The [insulation] works great and easily keeps ice cubes intact overnight.”

Big JB
Kiki™ 11oz Infant Bottle

Kiki™ 11oz Infant Bottle

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Greatest baby product I have ever had!

I can honestly say that not only are your bottles the absolute best baby bottles EVER, but by far the greatest baby product I have ever had!  We have 3 children, and have bought every single type of bottle in existence it seems! Our youngest is currently 3 months old and already very picky, especially when it comes to her bottles! … When we gave her the pura bottle for the first time: She smiled when she looked at it, picked it up and started drinking! We have been using them for a few weeks now, and she is still in love with them! And so are we! Thank you so much, you have made our lives so much easier and have certainly helped make one happy baby!

Mom in Michigan

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