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Innovations in Safe and Plastic-Free Feeding Bottles

Innovations in Safe and Plastic-Free Feeding Bottles

Our innovations include:

  • The only 100% plastic-free infant, toddler, juvenile, and sport bottles
  • The only “infant to grandfather™” bottle range which allows a family to BUILD their bottle for the activities of the day. EVERY bottle operates with EVERY lid
  • The only 100% plastic free modular lid system
  • The only 100% plastic-free sport top... our Big Mouth™
  • A unique straw top that eliminates spills
  • The only silicone nipple/spout/straw cover

These innovations allow our products to deliver unrivaled benefits to our valued customers including:

  • The safest bottles on the market
  • Value – our modular lid system allows bottles to adapt to the changing needs of kids and adults
  • Eco-progressive – using a bottle that can continually be repurposed is not only cost effective but keeps waste out of our landfills

Most importantly, we remain a family-owned business with an eye on continuous innovation and an unparalleled focus on quality. We hope you will give us a chance to prove our value.


EVERY bottle except Pura Kiki uses some PLASTIC! Why do mothers, dads, and caregivers seek glass or stainless bottles for their children? In the vast majority of cases they choose these bottles because they are concerned over the toxicity of plastic yet every bottle except Pura uses some plastic. Look at the collar of your favorite bottle… PLASTIC. Look at many of the sip spouts, straws and sports lids on glass or steel bottles… PLASTIC. Look at the nipple or spout cover… PLASTIC. Look at the handles… PLASTIC.
Why is this? Simply put it is because the complete elimination of plastic is not simple. We developed our multiple patented Kiki line from the ground up to be the first (and only) 100% plastic-free bottle because numerous studies have shown that EVEN BPA-Free plastic has been linked to a myriad of health issues. Plastic is a petroleum (oil) based product that outgases chemical components of oil when heated (dishwasher), nicked (toddler teething), or scuffed (tossed around). Of course, the large chemical companies (plastic) will dispute these studies and offer up yet more “safe” plastic… but is any plastic REALLY WORTH THE RISK?

no plastic, no NPA, no EA

Premium medical grade silicone nipples, spouts, etc. are NOT plastic

Our in-house designed nipples, spouts, flat caps, travel covers, etc are crafted from inert, medical grade silicone. Silicone is made from the naturally occurring element silcon; it hypoallergenic and does not contain plastic, latex, BPA or EA. It can be heated and chewed without releasing toxins. Silicone has long been used in surgical environment and as a material for infant nipples. Like steel, there are many grades of silicone and the names can sometimes be confusing. The simplest method of determining if your infant bottle uses premium silicone is to ensure that it passes the stringent European safety standard EN14350. Many silicone items sold in the US do not meet these European standards and, as a safety conscious consumer, you should check for the EN14350 marking on the packaging to be sure.

The safest bottles on the planet verified by third party testing
Pura bottles AND lids are non-toxic and truly 100% BPA-free and EA-free. All bottles, components, and accessories are independently tested by a leading global testing lab and certified to have no detectable levels of Bisphenol-a (BPA), lead, phthalates, nitrosamines, or PVC. Plastic and aluminum bottles and/or the plastic collars, spouts, straws and handles used on other stainless bottles cannot make this claim as virtually all plastics (incl. BPA-free plastic) have been shown to outgas chemicals linked to developmental problems and various forms of cancer.
All Pura products feature stainless steel lids, caps and/or infant nipple/spout collars in combination with medical grade silicone nipples, sip spouts and flat caps so your child’s mouth is NEVER in contact with plastic and therefore there is zero chance of ingesting BPA or other EA-inducing toxins. Bottles that use plastic lids, collars, or sip spouts simply cannot make this claim.

All Pura products meet or exceed all relevant FDA requirements. Because safety is our primary concern we also meet or exceed the stringent Consumer Protection Safety Initiative Act (CPSIA) guidelines, the European Commission Directive 10/2011, European Union EN 14350 and the German LFGB. We are more than happy to share our safety test reports with our customers… just ask!

these bottles still use plastic lids

Baby Grows... Bottle Evolves

With Pura Kiki mothers can now choose a bottle independent of the nipple or spout; our patented wide neck lid system is compatible with nipples and spouts from a variety of manufacturers and our infant bottles seamlessly convert to toddler cups and to adolescent bottles leading to unparalleled adaptability and functionality.

Why is ADAPTABILITY so important?
First, it is wasteful and expensive to replace all your bottles each time your child transitions to a new stage. Pura Kiki is designed to grow with the child as all of our bottles are compatible with all of our silicone lid components. We currently offer a full line of wide neck premium silicone nipples, a unique plastic-free (ie silicone) toddler sip spout, and silicone flat caps that allow our bottles to be used as adult style bottles. In 2014 we will be introducing a number of new (patented) silicone modules that will afford even greater flexibility for children and adult. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to see the new products!

Second, many breast feeding mothers need to supplement their child but are loathe to switch from a nipple that they know their child will accept. While we believe our US-designed wide neck premium silicone Natural Vent Nipples™ and XL-Sipper Spouts are the best on the market, it is a demonstrated fact that some children simply prefer certain nipples. Of course, we cannot control the size and design of non-Pura nipples, we have worked hard to make our bottle compatible with as many leading wide neck nipples as possible. (Note: every Kiki bottle ships with either a Natural Vent Nipple or a XL-Sipper Spout)

Third, the durability of stainless steel combined with the ability of the bottle to convert into back and forth from infant bottles to toddler bottles to adolescent bottles makes the Pura system highly cost effective. In fact we would argue that over the usable life of the bottle, our products are the least expensive solution available.

The 100% plastic-free Pura Kiki bottles and silicone lid modules are designed in Santa Barbara, California by the experienced Pura team and we own the underlying intellectual property. The Kiki line has been awarded fifteen patents to date and we have an array of additional patents pending. Click here for more information on our US & International Patents.

pura stainless

Technology and Materials

Sanitary food service grade stainless steel is durable, requires no funky liners, and does not impart a metallic taste to your liquids.

All Pura bottles and lids are crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, a composition that has long been used in the food service and medical industries and is rated as a sanitary, non-leaching, inert material (BPA-Free, EA-free, etc). In addition, our stainless steel is not only 100% recyclable, but stainless steel in general is typically comprised of 60% recycled material so Pura is an eco-progressive product as well (see our environmental awards).

One major benefit of 18/8 stainless steel is the fact that it does not require funky chemical-laden liners. Aluminum bottles are coated with a protective liner (typically epoxy-based) due to potential toxicity and reactive issues with raw aluminum. But using such a liner defeats the entire purpose of a non-plastic bottle as you are now essentially drinking from an epoxy vessel which really isn’t any better than plastic bottles!

One of the more common myths regarding 18/8 stainless steel is that the bottle will impart a metallic taste to your liquids. Does pasteurized milk, draught beer, cooked pasta, or anything you eat with traditional eating utensils taste like metal? Of course not, and all Pura bottles are crafted from the same grade of stainless steel as used in milk pasteurization, beer brewing, cookware, and eating utensils. The “metal taste” fear comes from aluminum not stainless steel and is a frequent salesmanship claim from glass bottle providers. Fortunately it is completely untrue as high grade stainless steel has been used for decades in all types of food prep/service as well as medical environs. Nothing migrates in or out of 18/8 stainless steel and nobody ever complains that pasteurized milk, draught beer, or anything cooked on the stove top taste like metal.

A smooth and polished interior surface makes cleaning a snap

All Pura Kiki bottles are electro-polished to eliminate voids that can trap contaminants and make cleaning difficult. We take the additional step of highly polishing all interior surfaces on our Kiki line to absolutely ensure the smoothest possible interior surface. To our knowledge no other infant and toddler bottle manufacturer takes this extra step.

The Pura Kiki line is protected by seven issued patents and numerous patents pending around the world and of course the Pura, Pura Kiki and two drips logos are registered trademarks of Pura Stainless.

In the end, we believe that we have created the ultimate reusable infant, toddler and adult bottles. Our bottles, lids, and accessories have no detectable levels of BPA, EA, PVC, nitrosamines, or phthalates, a claim that our competitors simply cannot make by virtue of their use of plastic lids, spouts, sports tops, toddler handles and travel covers.

Premium grade silicone that pass the most stringent testing regimen

All silicone components offered by Pura have been designed in the Santa Barbara, California by our experienced engineering team and are crafted from the highest quality premium silicone. Every nipple, spout, and travel cover meets the US standards (FDA, CPSIA) but also the much more rigorous European standards (EN14350 and German LFGB). Many silicone items sold in the US do not meet these European standards and, as a safety conscious consumer, you should check for the EN14350 marking on the packaging.

Equally as important, our engineering team has worked tirelessly to create the best nipples, spouts, straws, and sport tops on the global market. Our Natural Vent Nipple™ was designed to mimic the variable flow rate of breast feeding and employ a shape that promotes a better seal between the baby and the nipple, an elongated vent to reduce colic and spit-ups, and the use of multiple holes in the tip to achieve different flow rates. In addition, we have added a Y-cut version for thicker liquids and/or even faster flow.

In accordance with the desires of leading pediatricians, our 100% plastic-free XL Sipper Spout™ was designed to be stiff and free flowing to support the natural development of teeth and gums in toddlers. Noting that most silicone spouts were fragile, we also reinforced the tip of the spout to better withstand the teething instincts of growing toddlers.

We approached our unique straw top in a similar manner – eliminate all plastic, make it spill-proof and durable, and allow it to be disassembled for cleaning. Straws are the natural step between a sippy top and a sport top. The straw is also great for our customers with special needs, those who are bed-ridden and active people who prefer to drink from a straw.

Our most recent addition… the Big Mouth™ Sport Top is the first and only 100% plastic-free sport top on the market today. The silicone ridge is safe and comfortable to drink from, the sip guard allows free flow of liquids but eliminates the dreaded ice shift spills, and the flip lid creates a leak-proof seal while keeping the drinking edge clean! We are happy to report that it IS possible to make a sport top that is both safe (plastic-free), leak-proof, and free-flowing!

Our development team is continuously developing additional 100% plastic-free, silicone top modules such as our flat caps that allow our bottles to be used a food water bottles for older kids or snack cups for the younger ones. Keep an eye on our web page, Facebook page, or sign up for email updates to be the first to learn of new products from Pura!

Lastly, Pura is the first and only juvenile bottle provider to ship its bottles with a 100% plastic-free silicone travel nipple/spout travel cover (patented). This revolutionary design not only eliminates plastic components but provides much improved functionality as it does not “pop” off the bottle when jostled about in a bag. Also in accordance with our re-purposing philosophy, the travel caver can also be used as a plastic-free snack cup for toddlers in a stroller, pram or car seat!
Most importantly, we remain a family-owned business with an eye on continuous innovation and an unparalleled focus on quality. Thanks so much for learning more about Pura Stainless and our innovative line of feeding and drinking bottles. We hope you will give us a chance to prove our value.

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