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100% plastic free

Kiki™ 5oz Infant Bottle

Kiki™ 5oz Infant Bottle

Pura Kiki® 5oz bottle with silicone Natural Vent Nipple™, sleeve, and travel cover
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The Bottle

100% stainless steel!

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 Pura Stainless Aqua Kiki™ 5oz Infant Bottle
  • every lid fits every bottle
  • 18/8 Food service grade stainless steel
  • interchangeable silicone sleeve

The natural vent nipple

100% Medical-grade silicone!

bottle lid
  • Slow-flow rate suited for newborn+
  • Wide shape supports a natural latch
  • Anti-colic vent prevents gas
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Product Info


  • SAFE: Only 100% plastic-free stainless steel baby bottles on the market; only Made Safe® Certified bottles on the planet
  • Baby Grows… Bottle Evolves™: This bottle easily converts into a sippy bottle, straw bottle, sport/water bottle, or snack container by simply swapping the nipple out for another Pura silicone lid 
  • SIMPLE: Single wall construction is lightweight, dishwasher safe, and shatter-proof. No seal, no dot, no lead! 
  • Zero Plastic… Zero Yuck™: Bottle and collar crafted from safe, anti-bacterial, 18/8 stainless steel and Pura Anti-Colic Natural Vent Nipple™ crafted from 100% medical grade silicone
  • BPA-free, BPS-free, PP-Free, Polypropylene-free, phthalate-free, and will not leach toxins like plastic bottles and lids because our products do not contain any plastic!
  • Internal volume markings make measuring your child's milk or other beverages a snap. Each ounce is marked and can be seen by glancing inside the bottle.
  • Compatible with wide-neck nipples from Pura, ThinkBaby, BornFree™, and many others
  • 100% medical grade silicone bottle sleeve + nipple cover
  • Lifetime warranty on stainless components
  • Not for use with hot liquids

US & International Patents


    Weight  130 g 
    Dimensions  5.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 14 cm 

    What We Love

    Our smallest bottle at 5oz is perfect for the wee ones and ships with a stainless steel collar, slow-flow Pura Natural Vent Nipple™, a silicone sleeve and a silicone nipple cover. As with all Kiki bottles, the 5oz Kiki can be used with nipples or sip spouts from a variety of manufacturers so you can be sure that junior won’t have any problems if you are switching from another bottle.

    The 5oz bottle combined with our silicone sealing disks or Big Mouth® sport top are also great for older kids as they can be used for snacks and variety of drinks… and they fit into almost any lunchbox! You can use our silicone straw on our 5oz bottle with or without the tube that extends down into the bottle. To use the mouthpiece without the tube, the child will have to tip the bottle back and use the top as a sippy. To use the straw with the tube, simply cut the tube to fit the height of the 5oz bottle. Cutting the straw will not affect its function.

    Volume graduations that can be seen from the interior to help you monitor how much liquid your baby is consuming and of course the soft and colorful silicone sleeve is always a hit with infants! 

    ❤ What our customers love

    Comes with:

     Pura Stainless Aqua Kiki™ 5oz Infant Bottle
    bottle lid
    natural vent nipple
    silicone sleve
    Silicone Sleeve
     silicone travel cover
    Silicone Travel Cover

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