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BPA-Free Doesn't Mean "Safe"

  • BPA isn't the only harmful toxin found in plastics

  • Experts recommend avoiding plastics entirely

  • All Pura products are 100% plastic free

Plastic is made from petroleum

While it is almost universally felt that plastic including bags, straws, bottles, etc. is bad for our eco-system the vast majority of consumers remain convinced that it is safe for contact with our food and beverages.  But is it?

dig deeper: how is plastic harmful?

Why isn’t BPA-free plastic a safe alternative?

Many of the leading bottle and container manufacturers would lead you to believe that “their” plastic is safe… or in their words “toxin-free”.  Unfortunately, the latest research does NOT jive with their claims.  Witness the work by Dr. Nancy Wayne at the UCLA School of Medicine who has studied the effects of plastic on the endocrine system.  She calls “BPA-free a marketing scam” and goes further to say that companies are swapping BPA-based plastic for other plastics that are just bad - all in the name of marketing.  

Don’t be fooled by other names for plastic

  • PP
  • Polypropylene
  • PET

Bottle and food container manufacturers use plastic for their lids, spouts, straws, collars, travel covers, and even their paint because it is simpler and less costly than using non-plastic alternatives.  Perhaps most troubling is that many of them try to mislead consumers by using alternative names for plastic such as PP, polypropylene, PT, etc.  Don’t be fooled. 

In July 2018 American Academy of Pediatrics released a report discussing the hazards of common food additives as well as the chemicals that leach from plastic food containers. The Academy’s conclusion? “Use alternatives to plastic…”

So it is fair to say that the news on plastic just continues to get worse… from toxicity issues to environmental concerns to microplastics in the food we eat.

Know Better… Do Better™

Is there any place for plastics in your child’s bottles or mouth?  We certainly don’t think so.  Pura was created to offer safer and more environmentally progressive alternatives.  Just get rid of plastic all together… which is what we did and have been doing.  When you know better you do better.

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