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100% plastic free!

Kiki® Short Silicone Pebble Sleeves

Kiki® Short Silicone Pebble Sleeves

Medical-grade silicone pink pebble sleeve
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  • Ambient temperature to the touch — our sleeves keep the exterior of the bottle at near ambient temperature so a bottle filled with ice-cold juice will not feel cold to the touch nor will a hot bottle burn one's hands
  • Elimination of condensation on the exterior of the bottle - no longer will your little one's bottle "sweat" on a warm day.
  • An array of modern and fun colors - change the look or color of your bottle by adding a sleeve
  • Semi-permanent design — The Kiki sleeve was designed to fit tightly so that it will stay on the bottle even through repeated dishwashing cycles or when tugged by little hands. The sleeve can easily be removed to clean or change the look of the bottle.

US & International Patents


Weight 38 g 
Dimensions  6 cm x 6 cm x 6.5 cm

What We Love

Add some fun and color to your little one’s life with a silicone sleeve. Our sleeves provide insulation for hot and cold liquids, enhance tactile feedback for small hands and virtually eliminate dents and scratches to your Pura Kiki bottle. Best of all, kids love the feel of the raised bumps! And of course, like all products in the Kiki line, the silicone sleeves are BPA-free, MadeSafe, and 100% plastic free.

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