A note from our founders…

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Pura and the vision that drives our team. You won’t find bios on us or our management team here because Pura has never been about us. Rather, Pura is the embodiment of a vision to fulfill our One Life… One Bottle™ mantra. Similarly, Pura is 100% owned by its team members because we will not compromise our values or business practices by allowing third parties to exert any influence. In short, we are not beholden to anybody or anything… except our mission to bring the safest, most adaptable, and most eco-progressive products to our loyal customers around the world. While we are humbled to admit that our products have won more third party awards than any bottle in history, our motivation to innovate and continually improve our products is stronger than ever. We cannot wait to show you the new products on our design boards!





Of course, our retail partners and consumers have oft asked “how did Pura get started?” and our story is not unlike that of many other entrepreneurs. Our husband and wife founders simply could not find a bottle that they felt was safe enough for their own children. Simply put, EVERY bottle on the market contained (and STILL DOES contain) plastic in some form… the bottle collars and lids, sip spouts, sport tops, nipple covers, handles, etc. Sure the big companies (and the small ones) tout various formulations of plastic that are supposedly toxin-free, but we could not help by wonder what other plastic-based health issues might emerge over time. So, the simple solution was to simply create a bottle system that was 100% plastic-free… and we DID IT! Don’t be fooled by silver plastic collars that look like steel or the spout, straw, or sport top whose material is unspecified in our competitors marketing materials. If you want a truly plastic-free bottle, you have come to the right place!

As parents ourselves we also abhorred the status quo that forced parents to purchase entirely new sets of bottles as their children matured. Infant bottles are replaced by sippy cups which are, in turn replaced by straw bottles. Then comes sport bottles and adult bottles. This “designed-in” over consumption is not only expensive but is environmentally irresponsible. Because our in-house design team was starting from a “clean slate” we also set our sights on eliminating this ubiquitous problem and coined the phrase from infants to grandfathers™ as guiding design principle in our quest to provide the best juvenile and adult bottles on the global market. Our vision included a provision to allow our customers to “build their bottle” on the go based on the activity they had planned for the day. As such every bottle offered by Pura works with every lid… our smallest bottle can be used with the Big Mouth™ sport top while our largest insulated bottle can be used with a nipple if desired. Now consumers can have kitchen cabinet that contains an array of bottles and lids all of which work together. No more searching through lids that only work with one bottle size… and no more adding bottles to the local landfill that you or your kids have outgrown.

We are also fortunate that patent offices around the world have recognized our innovations and awarded us with 15 patents, an array of trademarks, and more than a dozen additional pending patents. Some less than ethical people have tried to copy our products but we work hard to shut down these counterfeiters. If the label does not say Pura, it is not a genuine Pura product.

We sincerely thank our customers who validate our vision every day. As we said above, Pura is not about us… it is about solving problems in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner.