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Do you drink bottled water on a regular basis?

Don’t fret, unfortunately you are not alone. The bottled water industry and their high priced marketing machine have been extolling the virtues of their waters for years. But did you know that the entire bottled water industry is one of the biggest shams perpetuated on the American public?

First, it is estimated that 40% of bottled water is actually just plain old tap water… repackaged in a environmentally hazardous container with a fancy name and label… and priced about 9,000 times that of tap water!

It is a fact that most bottled waters are not actually any safer than the water delivered by your tap and while it may be hard to ever get any real data from the bottlers, it is easy to get an assessment of your local water. The EPA provides a useful link to water quality test results for most municipal water sources and to help you better understand all of the issues we have also provided several informational documents on tap, bottled and filtered water (see sidebar at right). There are also test kits available for in-house testing of tap, well, or spring water.

While we can all be upset over the money we have spent over the years on bottled water, the real harm from this industry comes from the damage they do to our environment. These adverse impacts include:

  • Large scale dumping of inorganic waste
  • Large scale waste of natural resources
  • Large carbon footprint

Check our Environmental Impact section for complete details and facts

Kick the bottled water habit… your wallet will thank you, your planet will thank you, and your grandkids will thank you!

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