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4 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your Plastic-Free Journey

4 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your Plastic-Free Journey

Escaping plastic isn’t an easy task, the pervasive material seemingly surrounds all aspects of our lives: restaurants serve plastic straws, grocery stores give plastic bags, and most of our food is stored in plastic containers. This blog will primarily focus on different ways to remove plastic from your life! However, if you want more information on specifically why plastic is harmful, read here. Now, let’s talk about some ways you can reduce plastic-use for yourself and your family!

4 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your Plastic-Free Journey

Step 1: Use Reusable Grocery Bags

We know it is fast and easy to simply ask the cashier for a bag on the way out of the grocery store, but is it more cost-effective and convenient than bringing your own reusable bag?

For those who are aware of the negative environmental impact of plastic bags (and other single-use plastic items), you are probably already bringing your own bag to the store (don’t worry some of the later steps may surprise you!). But, for those of us with a long list of to do's to tackle day after day, it can be difficult to remember to grab those reusable bags on the way out the door! We get it. 

Hopefully it is helpful to remember that nowadays, not only are grocery stores charging money for their bags now, but reusable bags are also far easier to carry groceries in. We’ve all had those moments where we have tried to cram just one more thing in a single bag, and either the handles break or the bag tears right through your arms! Avoid the hassle and save your money by using your own bag for your sake and the planet’s!

Step 2: Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic bottles are very common and often only drank half way and thrown away. The amount of plastic waste generated from water bottles is astronomical… not even to mention they are extremely expensive. Fortunately, it is now commonplace for many businesses and storefronts to have water bottle refill stations, which makes it more convenient to carry a reusable bottle than its single-use plastic counterpart.

Everyone has experienced that feeling of being so thirsty, you drink the entire bottle of water you planned to have throughout the day in one sitting. If the only bottle you had was plastic, you either have to spend money to buy another or be dehydrated. Those aren't very great choices! Whereas, if you had a reusable bottle, you simply refill it! Owning a reusable plastic-free water bottle saves you a ton of money, helps eliminate plastic waste, and is far more convenient than having a plastic bottle. If you are looking for the perfect alternative bottle, check out our stainless steel bottle options!

Step 3: Use Alternatives to Plastic Straws

Although we're turning in the right direction when it comes to straw use, there are many of us who still refuse to even consider using anything but a plastic straw. This is because typically, the only other options has been paper, which doesn't have the best reputation.

We fully understand the apprehension of a paper straw! When having a long lunch or dinner, seeing the straw slowly dissolve into your drink and become extremely soggy is far from enjoyable, not to say that some paper straws simply do not work well from the start.

Say "goodbye" to paper straws, and "hello!" to a stainless steel or silicone straw! We promise you, your stainless or silicone straw will not get soggy nor will it dissolve in your drink. It will be able to sustain whatever smoothie, juice, or liquid you're sippin'. Not to mention, a stainless or silicone straw is far less likely to break than the plastic straw many feel so strongly about.

Step 4: Support your Local Zero-Waste Store

One often overlooked contributor to plastic waste is item packaging. Several businesses are beginning to recognize this and opening ‘Zero-Waste’ stores - stores that eliminate harmful packaging entirely.

For example, instead of selling a 12-pack of small bite sized chips engulfed in a plastic barrier, the store may have the chips lying on a sanitary and environmentally friendly plate. This not only reduces general plastic use and consumption, but it also allows you, the consumer, to buy the exact amount you need, saving you money, cabinet space, and the risk of food waste.

Many of the ‘Zero-Waste’ stores are local small businesses that could really use your support. Spend time researching local eco-conscious stores near you, and pay a visit on your next run to the store!


Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about our plastic-free tips! And please share other ways you are reducing your plastic consumption in the comments below. Have an amazing day!

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