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Looking for a fun and healthy Halloween snack? Fruit Monsters are a delightful and healthy addition to a kids Halloween party.

Check out our guide on how to make them and why they are a fantastic choice:


  • Apples, Pears, or Bananas: Choose your base fruit, which should be firm enough to hold the toppings but still easy to slice.
  • Raisins or Blueberries: These can be used for the monsters eyes or other facial features.
  • Chocolate Chips or Mini Chocolate Candies: These make great pupils for the eyes and can also be used for mouths or other spooky details.
  • Nut Butter (or Sunflower Seed Butter for Nut Allergies): To act as glue; for attaching the facial features.


  1. Wash and Slice the Fruit: Start by washing the apples, pears, or bananas thoroughly. If using apples or pears, slice them into rounds, making sure to remove any seeds or cores. If using bananas, you can cut them in half or into smaller rounds.
  2. Create Spooky Faces: Lay out the fruit slices on a clean surface. Now comes the fun part - designing your fruit monsters! Use nut butter as a glue to attach the raisins or blueberries as eyes. You can stack them for a more dimensional effect. 
  3. Use chocolate chips or candies as pupils for the eyes. You can also use them to create mouths, eyebrows, or any other spooky features you desire.
  4. Get Creative: Feel free to let your creativity run wild. You can use sliced strawberries for tongues, shredded coconut for hair, or thin apple peels for mustaches. Encourage the kids to come up with their own designs.
  5. Serve with Style: Arrange the fruit monsters on a platter or serving tray in a way that showcases their spooky faces. You can add some green grapes or green apple slices as a backdrop to create a monster garden. 

Why Fruit Monsters Are Great:

  1. Healthy Option: Fruit monsters are a healthier alternative to traditional Halloween candies and treats.
  2. They provide essential vitamins, fiber, and natural sugars without the excess sugar and artificial additives.
  3. Engages Creativity: Making fruit monsters is an engaging and creative activity for kids. It allows them to use their imagination to design spooky faces, promoting artistic expression.
  4. Interactive: Kids can participate in the process, from washing and slicing the fruit to decorating the monsters. Its a hands-on activity that keeps them engaged.
  5. Allergy-Friendly: Fruit monsters can accommodate various dietary restrictions and allergies. Using sunflower seed butter instead of nut butter makes them nut-free, and you can easily adapt the toppings to suit individual preferences.
  6. Visual Appeal: These fruit monsters are visually appealing and can be a centerpiece for your Halloween party table. They are sure to capture the attention of kids and adults alike.

Overall, fruit monsters are a wholesome, fun, and creative way to incorporate healthier options into your Halloween celebration while still embracing the festive spirit. Plus, they encourage kids to eat more fruits, which is always a win for parents and caregivers.

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