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Teething is a very trying time for parents and their babies. The Pura family has put together a list of helpful "tried-and-true" tips that we believe will ease the pain for both baby and parents. Let us know if they helped you in the comments below! 😊

  • First, lightly rub your baby’s gums. (Make sure your hands are clean!) The constant soothing movement serves as a soft massage for your child's discomfort.  
  • Try a chilled teething ring! Place a non-toxic and clean (not liquid or gel-filled) teething ring in the fridge and let it cool. Be sure it is not too cold or frozen! The coolness of the ring will reduce the inflammation. 
  • If your baby has started eating solid foods, then try offering a small snack or piece of fruit to gnaw on for distraction. Keep a close eye on them for safety.


Check out what others are doing to comfort their teething infants! More tips directly from Pura customers:

  • Use our very own Kiki® Silicone Travel Cover for teething! Try chilling the travel cover in the fridge for extra soothing.
  • Some of our customers rub a slice of peeled ginger over their baby’s gums. The flavor may be too strong for some babies so it's possible to cause more fussing! Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory but please proceed with caution.
  • When all else fails, many parents resort to offering a change of scenery. This can look like going outside for a walk or drive, giving their baby a bath, dimming the lights, and playing soft music. The distraction is likely to provide comfort and to help the child focus less on their gum pain and discomfort.

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