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It’s Time to Put Your Child’s Plastic Sippy Cup to Bed!

It’s Time to Put Your Child’s Plastic Sippy Cup to Bed!

It’s Time to Put Your Child’s Plastic Sippy Cup to Bed!

The popularity and convenience of plastic amazed Americans in the 1950’s and, over the years, the material has become almost inescapable in children’s products. Yet, scientific research on the dangers of plastic to our health and to the health of our planet continues to grow. Studies now show the presence of microplastics in our blood and in the blood of toddlers; arguably due to the use of plastic toys, bottles, and cups… It is clear that we need to embrace change.

It may be hard to imagine your child’s life without plastic. Fortunately, 

the use and availability of safer, alternative materials to plastic is only growing. 

Over the past 5 years, more products began being produced from silicone. So, there is no better time than now to put your plastic sippies and snack cups to bed permanently!

Unlike plastic, silicone is NOT a petroleum-based product. It is made from silica, which is basically sand.

Silicone can be boiled and used over and over without the chemical and toxin release that occurs when plastic is exposed to hot temperatures and environments. It is also safe for food storage and drinkware. Meaning, you don’t need to fear being exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins when your family uses products made with reliable, medical-grade silicone.

And the best news: silicone contains no plastic!

Silicone can mimic some of plastic’s beneficial characteristics, like having a soft surface, durability, and fun colors, but without the petroleum-based toxins. This was at the forefront of our minds when we launched our 100% plastic-free Kiki® bottle line back in 2008. With time, we became known for our stainless steel bottles in over 40 countries. We are now excited to offer an exclusive collection of 100% silicone sippy cups, training cups, and snack cups!

The NEW my-my line features platinum medical-grade silicone which is also MADE SAFE® certified.

This means, ZERO plastic! And like all Pura products, the my-my line 

meets all European standards for silicone children’s products, which are much stricter than USA regulations.

The new line also features a calming Scandinavian color palette and modern styling. Soft colors like Rose, Mint, and Moss are the perfect addition to your pantry as you clear out your plastic sippy and straw cups. Our new my-my line offers lovely, safe, and functional baby products so we can all enjoy a beautiful, safe, and plastic-free future together!

Browse the entire Silicone my-my line here!

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